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On July 14, 2012 production and importation of T12 (1 1/2 " Tubular Florescent stopped in the US.

Let us help you with T12 replacement to LED tubular technology. LED lamps use half as much electricity, burn cooler, do not give off UV radiation. LEDs last 25,000 - 30,000 hours and does not contain the mercury that florescent tubes and CFL do which can harm you and the environment.

As an client-focused service firm, we provide the information you need to make intelligent investments in sustainability for social and ecological improvements, while protecting your hard earned investment.

For some organizations, sustainability means survival from quarter to quarter within a fiscal year, for other more confident organizations, sustainability means the stable transition to a new green economy for many years into the future.

We help you determine through utility usage benchmarking your organizations ecolocial, sociological, and prosperity footprint to determine where your organization is currently on the sustainablity scale.

Where ever your company is on the sustainable scale, we will  ensure that your company is well positioned to met the needs present, the near the future,  and well being of your family, your children, your grand-children  and future generations.

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Lets work for you to ensure a positive outcome for this fiscal year,the next ten years and for many generations to come!

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